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Wedding Cake Consultations – Living in such unprecedented times and with the whole wedding industry hit extremely hard, it has had a huge effect on weddings for 2020 with most of my weddings postponed up until September and many more after that too. It also means that I have not been able to do any …

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I loved everything about creating this Semi naked wedding cake from the simplicity of the cake, to the stunning flowers to the beautiful gardens at the venue. The couple choose a simple semi-naked cake which are growing in popularity especially for those that aren’t loving lots of icing. The flavours of the cakes were salted …

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I’ve waited along time to reveal a very special project that I’ve been involved with, back last year I was asked to be part of a cake collaboration alongside some of the best cake makers across the world, the collaboration ‘Wedding Cakes Inspired by Fashion’ was inspired by gowns designed for Barbie. Having a daughter …

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