Sadie Smith

Meet The Maker

Sadie Smith

I’ve been putting off doing a meet the maker post for a while as being in front the camera is not my happy place, I am much more comfortable behind the lens taking pics of the beautiful cakes I create.

So here it goes, firstly a big hello to all the new visitors and clients visiting my site, it literally makes me so happy to see you here. As well as seeing all the cakes I create, do take a look at the blog where you will find lots of baking hints, tips and recipes as well as top tips for planning your wedding and so much more.

Anyway a bit about me, the name behind the business. I am a passionate baker and work on my own in my business, mainly because I’m too much of a control freak to allow someone else to have a part in my cake creations, I’d love to expand one day but it’s such a huge leap of faith which i’m not quite ready for yet but never say never.

Most of the time you’ll find me in my kitchen beavering away or in my studio creating sugar flowers. The last few weeks has certainly been a test, I’ve gone from just me at home during the day, working away with no distractions to a house full and a bit of home schooling thrown into the mix, I certainly didn’t see that coming this year.

When I’m taking a break, i’ll be with the family enjoying being in the countryside walking our crazy puppy Willow, shes actually now 1 but you wouldn’t think so or following behind my daughter riding the love of her life Cookie. Sometimes life seems so surreal, I can be in the kitchen baking all day then out in a field knee high in mud chasing a horse around but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love eating out with family and friends and it’s the one thing I really miss during lockdown, I’m craving a cheeky Nandos!

My guilty pleasure is a bit of trashy tv, I’m a big fan of love island and recently loved Tiger King on Netflix but to balance that I love a good drama, we are currently binge watching Killing Eve, I also love a documentary and you can’t beat anything presented by Louis Theroux, he’s such a genius and fantastic documentary maker.

That’s it for now, but maybe now i’ve taken the plunge to share a bit about me I won’t be such a stranger to the camera.


Sadie x