Wedding Cakes Inspired by Fashion A Worldwide Collaboration

I’ve waited along time to reveal a very special project that I’ve been involved with, back last year I was asked to be part of a cake collaboration alongside some of the best cake makers across the world, the collaboration ‘Wedding Cakes Inspired by Fashion’ was inspired by gowns designed for Barbie. Having a daughter who loved her Barbie (and if I’m honest I loved mine too) I jumped at the chance to be involved.

I picked the gown which would be my inspiration designed as part of the Magia 2000 Italy collection by designer duo Mario Paglimo & Gianni Grossi.

I chose my design as I liked the simplicity and elegance of it, it reminded me of the uncomplicated life of a child, and as the collaboration was inspired by a child’s doll it seemed only fitting.

The Cake is a peachy nude colour with middle black tiers featuring the laced bodice details from the gown, the actual gown featured polka dots and black lace which run through the design of the cake. The cake’s crowning glory is statement fluffy peony.

The collaboration has received so much interest and is featured in the July Issue of DIY Wedding Magazine, the cake itself is featured in this edition, as well as on, and in the top 15 cakes on CakesDecor.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work on this collaboration and I look forward to working

on more in the future.

Barbie Collaboration