A Clean Home Is A Happy Home

Let’s face it cleaning is dull and I for one could think of a thousand other things i’d rather be doing but that being said I am a self confessed (typed self confused then which actually is probably more apt) neat freak, I can’t sit down to relax at night if i’m looking at mess or know the dishwasher hasn’t been loaded and turned on, so loathe it or love it I want a clean home.


So how do we achieve it with minimal effort, and a question many of you ask what products do I use. I wanted to write this post as i’m just a small time blogger everything I recommend are products I genuinely like to use, I’m not being asked to promote them. (I can dream one day you never know)


I have to be cleaner that the average household as I commercially produce food in my kitchen so following very strict cleaning guidelines from the environmental health officers but that being said if those requirements are set for the safety of my customers why wouldn’t I use the same rules for my family?

I’m talking predominately kitchens today but the rules here can be applied to any room.


My number one top tip is don’t let mess and dirt build up keep on top of it and it will never become a massive task or chore. I don’t have spare time to have a cleaning day, so I like to do a little every day. One day i’ll dust and another do the bathrooms, you get the picture. That way I take about 30 mins out my day for cleaning which in my book is 30 mins too much but necessary.

I’m not a fan of clutter and a more minimal space will be your friend, when I’m cleaning my worktops down rather than wipe around loads of clutter, I can lift the few items I have on my sides to the table and follow a quick routine for spotless tops and surfaces you could eat off. A great tip is to have items in specific storage such as chopping boards in a rack, knives in a block saves so much time and easy to keep clean

knife block

I have granite worktops which are the easiest thing to keep clean so heres how I do it. I wipe the tops down using hot water and washing up liquid, dry then using a daily granite cleaner spray on and buff off. It takes about 5 minutes a day and is so worth it, if you don’t have granite simple use hot water and washing up liquid. When cleaning in the kitchen I always always (2 always there not a typo just to say it’s very important) use a clean dishcloth and tea towel, I have a cupboard piled high with dish clothes which may seem excessive but who wants to wipe their tops down with the current in use dish cloth which is probably breeding thousands of bacteria, I start each day with a clean dish cloth and tea towel and use clean ones for cleaning down. It may seem a bit mad but they can be just chucked in the washing machine with the other washing it really is no effort.

My sink is a labour of love, I have a Franke sink which when clean looks stunning but it stains like you wouldn’t believe so bleach is the friend here,not only does it remove all stains I let it soak away down the drains before I rinse so it’s cleaning them at the same time.

One of my biggest hates is cleaning the oven, so much so apart from a quick wipe over I don’t do it. I have a man who does! and it’s the best money you can spend, in one hit it is expensive but find a company which does a cleaning plan, I pay £5 a month which I hardly notice then ‘my man’ comes out and cleans 2 appliances of my choice, usually my oven and microwave. If you’ve not had it professionally done before it really is like new afterwards. I use a company called Extreme Homecare but there are many different ones available. http://extremehomecareovencleaning.co.uk/


My pet hate is bins on show especially the ugly brown food caddies, who wants that on the work top, Our bin is concealed in a cupboard and I’ve bought a stylish food caddy which nestles into my kitchen without the ugliness and it has a carbon filter built into the top to remove any smells! This one is from josephjoseph.

Food waste caddies

Now onto what products do I use and for me its Method and Zoflora all the way, If you haven’t used method products where have you been not only do their products give fantastic results but they are safe to use around pets, they are taking steps to lower carbon emissions and use partners that promise the same and all the ingredients are responsible sourced. I currently have a huge stockpile of products as they have a limited edition design on the bottles by the fabulous Johanna Basford and are such pretty bottles and they’ve been half price in Tesco of late. Check them out here at methodproducts

Image result for johanna basford method

So the key is little and often keeps the house looking good, lists are a life saver and delegate where possible, I find children are a lot keener to help if its fun, my daughter may use a can of furniture polish on the table but at least its one less job for me.

For every less minute I’m cleaning it’s an extra minute to do something I enjoy and spend with the family.


Sadie x